Sunday, 9 February 2014


!! Facebook Blocked Me !! :(

The reason why I HATE FACEBOOK these days is the block on my profile by facebook for a month. Whenever I send few friend requests to people facebook blocks me. Now I am not able to send a single friend request on facebook. This is just a fun video so all you facebook designers don't take my advises seriously otherwise you know what will happen. As you know facebook is now at the top among all social networking websites but I like two social networking websites including facebook, and the other one is orkut. I like orkut becuase of many other features it has, where facebook has nothing. And the important one is I can send as many friend request to people as I want HAHAHA ;) Orkut ROCKS!! I hope the video makes new users understand something which I didn't knew.

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Video By - Ranbeer Singh

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