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Chennai Express Movie Review By Aam Aadmi


         I know there are many who can review movies better than me. But still I want to review movies because if other people do things better that me does not mean I should not do them. You should always try doing something that you like rather than thinking of what other will think of your work. So THIS IS AAM AADMI PARTY sorry I am not a member of aam aadmi party but I would love to be. I am an ordinary guy who wants to share his experiences with others and reviews of the movies. 
I know I am not a good writer of ENGLISH but AAM AADMI will understand my English and I am not ashamed of this because I am proud to be an Indian and the national language of INDIA is HINDI. So Let's Begin.. 

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         I watched this movie on the first day of it's release. I was very much excited to watch a love story from the "KING OF ROMANCE" Shahrukh Khan. First of all I must tell you that I am a fan of Shahrukh Khan because of his acting and hard work that he put into  everything that he does.
          Although the movie has a love story but It did not touch the soul of the viewer and lacks in script writing but the direction of Rohit Shetty is awesome and people don't get bore when they watch it. It is quite a comedy flick. Normally Shahrukh Khan don't do COMEDY MOVIES but this time he has managed to do this one with a love story.
          Deepika Padukone as always acted very good in the movie specially the south Indian accent that she spoke needs to be appreciated. I can say this is not a hero oriented movie where the hero/actor has more scenes than the heroin/actess.

          As it is a comedy/drama movie there is less scope of acting. But Both the actors managed to act brilliantly and it can be felt when you watch this movie. There are cars flying in this movie also because everyone knows ROHIT SHETTY always do this in his ISSTYLE...

          The music of the movie is not upto the mark, it is average. Vishal Shekhar didn't manage to rock the hearts of the people this time. Only one song I felt is good and that is "Tera Raasta Main Chhodoon Naa.."

I will not give stars like others instead I would say good, bad, must watch, awesome etc.
I enjoyed watching this movie and I can say it is a must watch for those who like comedy/drama movies. I can say the movie is awesome and you should watch this with your friends and family.

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