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Indus Valley Civilization (सिन्धु घाटी सभ्यता) - A Pride of India

Indus Valley Civilization (सिन्धु घाटी सभ्यता) - A Pride of India

Since I am studying history now a days, I thought of writing a blog post on Indus Valley Civilization. I thought everyone should know the fact that India had a great civilization 4500 years back and how our great ancestors lived in that era. It is one of the oldest civilizations of the world. 

Many people call People of Indus Valley Civilization (our ancestors) “The masters of the river”. Because they lived on the banks of the river Indus. In that era people were rich and had good economic system. They were educated and had a writing system. The Indus Valley Civilization was discovered and excavated in 1920’s. It is really a thing to be proud of, that people of that era were educated and exported many of the goods produced within the country to other countries. Many seals were found in the excavations of the sites of Indus Valley Civilizations.
There is a hymn in the rig veda which tell us the secret decay of Indus Valley Civilizations. In that hymn one word Haryupiyah is mentioned which is vey much similar to the word Harappa of Indus Valley Civilization. The hymn says “In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana, Indra destroyed the seed of Varasikha. At Hariyupiyah, he smote the vanguard of the Vrcivans, and the rear fled frightened”. The Hymn can be found in Rig Veda (Chapter XXVII, Section 5). (See note 1 in references.)
Mohenjodaro & Harappa
Mohenjodaro is situated in the north of Karachi, in Pakistan. It is one of the major centers of Indus Valley Civilization. The Great Bath, great granary, naked bronze dancing girl, bearded man etc. was discovered here.  
Harappa is situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is also one of the major centers of Indus Valley Civilization. Stone dancing Natraja, urn burial, person wearing dhoti etc found here.
There were other major centers of Indus Valley Civilization  discovered which are Kalibangan, Lothal, Dholavira, Rakhigarhi, Daimabad, Ganeriwala, Chanudarho, Sutkagendor.
PM MODI ji's View
In a video of I saw yesterday on youtube. Our PM of India Mr. Modi ji said something great about Indus valley civilization. Although the video was an old one uploaded in 2011. In the video he said that now a days people talk about olympic games, talk about big playgrounds but they may not have seen the playground of our ancestors from the Indus Valley Civilization in Dholavira situated in kutch (Gujrat) nearly 5000 years back. He further said that a signboard also found in Dholavira that shows it must be big town and there must be foreigners visiting place that is why people used signboards to help people know the correct path. He said everything that we found there tells us the great power and knowledge of our ancestors.
Decay of Indus Valley Civilization
It is a topic of debate because nobody knows how Indus Valley Civilization disappeared. Some say because of the climate or weather conditions, some say Aryans invaded the Indus Valley Civilization and some say that some sites were abandoned and literacy, seals and sealing and urban phase was lost but many smaller sites continued.
If you want to know more about Indus Valley Civilization in detail then I must suggest you that you should buy some books on Indian History. The name of the book I have is “The Pearson General Studies Paper I for civil services preliminary exam”. As I am also studying Indian History I was so amazed to know these facts about India, I could not stop myself to share something for which we should be proud of. I hope I wrote everything clear and in easy to understand form. Thanks.. :) 

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Note 1. The hymn was taken from the book “The Pearson General Studies Paper I for civil services preliminary exam”.

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Aahat Season 1 Episodes UPDATE : JUARI (Gambler) Full Episode Available on Sony Liv

Aahat Season 1 Episodes UPDATE : JUARI (Gambler) Full Episode

Hey guys, today I saw that Sony Entertainment Television started uploading Aahat Season 1 Episodes on their website called Sony Liv. Previously they were only uploading episodes they have already uploaded on youtube. But some of them were not on youtube also, you can find those on this blog post of mine:


I am happy that I got to see one new episode of Aahat season 1 after a long long time. I hope they keep uploading these epic episodes of Aahat Season 1.
Previously there were only one part of this episode available on youtube called Jauri (Gambler) Part 1 and the second part was missing on youtube.
Here is the full episode on Sony Liv website. Click the links below to watch full episode on Sony Liv. (see Note 1 in References)
Episode 20 Juari (Gambler) Part 1
Episode 21 Juari (Gambler) Part 2

Please comment if you find any new episodes of aahat so I can update the list. Thanks... :)

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Note 1. All the episodes are on the official Sony Liv Website -

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If you haven't learnt Hindi typing or you don't know how to type in Hindi on your personal computer or laptop then it may be a big problem for you to type in Hindi offline. Yes there are many ways to type in Hindi online like you can visit different websites that give the facility to type in Hindi online. Most people use GoogleTranslate in order to type in Hindi or any other language such as urdu etc.

But the question arises, is there any software or application for PC to be able to type in Hindi offline (when we are not connected with internet). I researched a lot on this and found a way to do this and this is really simple and easy to do. 
       Because I am a blogger and a youtuber I sometimes want to write something in Hindi and every time I need to connect my internet and visit other website to be able to write in Hindi. Mostly I write my blogs on notepad first and then copy that blog to my blogger posts. So I wanted to have an application that can be installed on windows and can give the same results offline. I found out Google Input Tools website that give you that facility to be able to type in Hindi offline for free. This application helps you to type on any website in Hindi. So if you want to share something in Hindi on facebook, twitter etc. just select the language and it starts typing in Hindi. गूगल इन्पुट टूल्स की जय हो !! :)

Here are the steps to be followed :

STEP 1 - Go to Google Input Tools website and click on windows tab.

See Note 1 in References


STEP 2 - Select the desired language which in my case is HINDI, then Click on agree the terms and service and then click on download button.

See Note 2 in References

STEP 3 - You will get a pop up to download the language pack, so just run the application and it will get installed itself.

STEP 4 - After it gets installed you will see a section for languages at the right bottom of your window in the Taskbar.

STEP 5 - Click on the EN (language button) and select Hindi or your desired language.

STEP 6 - There you have it!! Just open any notepad or word document and start typing. You will see that it is now typing in Hindi. And when you are finished with you work you can change the language by clicking the same language button in the Taskbar and select English. That's it!!
For more help watch the video Tutorial below - 

Video Subtitles
Hey guys in this video you will learn how to type in hindi Font with the helpe of Google Input Tools. As google input tools is a free service you just need to install it. It is the best way to type in Hindi or any other language like urdu, arabic etc. offline.

0:00 - 1:00 Hello guys, this is Ranbeer Singh from now onwards I'll be talking in Hindi and if you don't understand Hindi you can turn on the closed captions button at the right bottom of this video. So first of all I wanna tell you that we all face this problem that we want to type in Hindi and we don't know how to do this because we didn't learn hindi typing. Most of us only know how to type in English so how we can type in Hindi? Most people would say that there is a website called Google Translate and there if anyone will type anything in English and give a space or enter, it will convert it in Hindi Font but these are all online services, and there are many websites which provides such kind of services

1:00 - 2:00 But you have to be online to do this So is there any software with the help of which we can type in Hindi while we are offline? So I searched a lot on the internet, because I am a blogger, I write blogs also So sometimes I also want to write my blogs or a paragraph in hindi. I wanted a services with the help of which I can type in hindi while I am offline but this is a big problem, because I was not able to find the solution for many days but few days back I found a great solution for this problem and the solution is, you just go to google search and type in input tools. Google is a website that comes out with the solution for many problem that we are having

2:00 - 3:00
I personally like google very much, and all the services of google are very good and free of cost also. Where google translate help us in translating Input tools helps us in typing in our language offline (when you are not connected to internet). So just click on the first link that appear. You will see a webpage of Google input tools, click on on windows. You will see different languages at the right of you computer screen or window. As you can see there is hindi, gujrati, kannad, Oriya, punjabi. There are many languages which have different Fonts or script. So if you wanna type in Hindi, I'll just select in hindi and agree to the terms of service below, then click on the download button. Then I'll get the downloaded file just like this and it is not a big file. So as I click on the file and run it, it will download and install itself and as it gets installed in the computer.

3:00 - 4:00 You will see the English section in your task bar at the right bottom of your window and as you click on the button and select Hindi and start typing in google search you will be able to type in hindi font . So if I type input in English, I get the same in hindi font and if I again want to type in English, then I need to select English on the tast bar and you will get the English font, see it is typing in Enlish now. So it is all going online, I am gonna just disconnect the internet. I open a notepad file and then open it first and then select Hindi on the task bar.

4:00 Now I start typing in hindi "main hindi mein type kar sakta" So you can type in hindi like I am doing it. You can type like this in any microsoft windows software of any webpage and even on facebook without using any third party software offline. It is made by google and it is free. You can use it comfortably. So this is what I wanted to share with you guys. If this helped you, I think this one helped you guys, you can like this video, share this video and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channels if this helped you a little, it means a lot to me.
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