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Aahat Season 1 stories (आहट) | Night College | Fan of Aahat Season One

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When I was just 6 or 7 years old I was very much interested in shows like Aahat. I remember some stories of Aahat season 1 which I want to share with you guys. And I also want to request Sony Entertainment Television Producers to upload Aahat season 1 episodes because I am sure I am not the only Aahat season 1 fan but there are many. I know many people requested the channel to upload the episodes but they are not uploading it. They have only uploaded 2 new Aahat season 1 Episodes on the Sony Liv website. (See note 1 in References)

Aahat Season 1 Episode 10 - Pahla Pyaar (First Love) Part 1
Aahat Season 1 Episode 11 - Pahla Pyaar (First Love) Part 2
Aahat Season 1 Episode 12 - Visfot (Expolosion) Part 1
Aahat Season 1 Episode 14 - Visfot (Expolosion) Part 3
Aahat Season 1 Episode 15 - Visfot (Expolosion) Part 4
Aahat Season 1 Episode 20 - Juari (Gambler) Part 1
Aahat Season 1 Episode 21 - Juari (Gambler) Part 2 

See note 2 in References

Stories of Aahat season 1 were amazing because the stories were horror + suspense and I have never seen such types of stories in my whole life. Aahat season 1 is an epic for me in Indian Television which we can not forget. So let's begin ..

Night College :- From the name of the story we can easily tell that it is a story about night college and there must be some ghosts in that college. But it is not that simple. Aahat season 1 is Aahat season 1 and they made epic stories.

    So as the episode starts, there are two colleague a boy and a girl who plans to complete there further studies and they decide to join a night college. As far as I remember the name of the college is MS Night College. On the first day of their college they noticed that the behaviour of students is quite strange. The students of night college don't look normal by their behaviour. The girl saw that there are no lines on the palm of a female student of the night college. After looking at this she gets shocked. After that one day while the girl was talking in the class she saw the professor turns his head back without moving his body like a ghost and she screams out loud. After a few seconds she sees that everything is normal and the professor is also behaving normally. Now she gets suspicious about the college and starts to investigate what is going on. In the meanwhile, when the girl and boy comes out college the watchman tells them that there is no such kind of night college going on. But  I think the boy denies and ignores him.
He is the Professor of the night college in the Episode 
See note 3 in References

     After a few days the professor of that night college invites all the students to come for a picnic trip. The boy is also willing to go to picnic with all the other students. Meanwhile, the girl investigates and meets a boy who was the student of night college in the past. He tells her the whole story. He tells her that in the past there was a night college and he with all the other students went to a picnic trip and they met with an accident. In the accident all the students died only he survived, from that day the night college is continued with the evil spirits of the students and the professor. The boy also told her that they want to kill him because he is the only one who survived in that accident.

      After this, the night college student go for a picnic and the boy (friend of the girl) also goes out with them. After knowing the facts about the college, the girl wants to save his friend. The boy who survived in the accident went with that girl to stop the bloody game of death. I did not remember this scene but somehow they manage to stop the bus and the boy enters in the bus and the boy who is friend of that girl comes out of the bus. They kill the boy in the bus and after that the spirit of the boy comes out and tells the girl and the boy that from now there will not be any night college. THE END :)

I remember one episode in which there is a white (colour) bus that travels in the city at night and whosoever enters in it dies. I will try to write all the stories I remember of Aahat Season 1 as soon as I get time. Thanks. If you want to watch Aahat Season 1 Episodes click here

References :- 
Note 1 - All the episodes are on the official Sony Liv Website -
Note 2 - Snapshot from Aahat Season 1 Episode 2 (Snake) uploaded by Set India On their youtube channel -
Note 3 - Snapshot from Aahat Season 1 Episode 2 (Snake) uploaded by Set India On their youtube channel -


  1. i remember it... a very scary episode of Aahat season1, Thank yuu Ranbeer Singh

  2. I cant find the two episodes "Maut ki Ghanti" and "night college" Please help

  3. i remember it as well man i was searching for this episode since quite a long time THANKS A LOT BROTHER.....dil khush kar diya yaar pta nahi tab shayad mai 7-8 saal ka tha tab ye dekha tha

  4. this was exactly the episode i ws looking for, thank you! :)
    there was another episode where the teenagers group in highschool used to bully a new girl and throw her in the swimming pool where she dies and comes back as a spiriit to take revenge. Any idea about that one? and oh there was another , dream catcher kind of, and another scarecrow that used to come alive, i want you to share these stories and in one episode there was an old house, whoever went inside was tranfered to another world, two kids playing frisbee go in there and i dont remeber the rest. I wonder do u remeber or not.

  5. I can't find hospital one episode who coming for take his soul who going to died.o only doctor can see he here for some one soul.

  6. I can't find hospital one episode who coming for take his soul who going to died.o only doctor can see he here for some one soul.


  8. Which is the hunter episode? The antagonist is a were lion and the police takes his help for investigating the murderer of the headless bodies

  9. kya koi mjhe us episode ka nam bata sakta hay jis meh 2 behnein hoti hayn aik ka nam simi hta hay aur dusri ka mjhe yad nahi . woh new ghar meh shift hte hayn aur whan pay atmaein simi ko ang karti hayn shayad ghar chor dene k liye .. baki ki kahani mjhe yad nah agar kisi ko yad hay tou mjhe nam bata dein

  10. and the boy who dies at the end in the night college episode is prateek.

  11. Please tell me the episode name and number of night college

    1. episode name is I think "Night college" No I dont know even I am looking for it

  12. Can anybody help me with the episodes of Aahat season 1 missing from Jio Cinema ? Any google drive links or unlisted YouTube videos ?