Friday, 14 February 2014


Chutkule - Haryanvi

In this video I am joking. Some Haryanvi Jokes ( Chutkule ) will give you a joyful laughter and I am really sorry if you don't know Haryanvi.

       This is a video for people who are here to entertain themselves with humour. Before I start telling you anything I want to tell you that this is my first video here. I hope you like my first attempt and please like if you agree. Because this is my first video here I wanted it to be funny. But I am not here for fun only because in my next videos I will be telling you some good things. Vaise toh I am not that good enough to teach or tell something but I have this egoistic nature and I cannot control hehehe. Hopefully I will be telling you some good facts of humour with a good positive note in day to day life. I wanted my first video to be just same as you are watching it. I will be doing more mazaa more masti in my next videos :)


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Video By - Ranbeer Singh
My Friend - Rajneesh Shukla
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