Monday, 10 February 2014

Eye To Eye.. Eye to Eye.. | Taher Shah

EYE TO EYE - Taher Shah - Review !! What a Song !!

EYE TO EYE - Taher Shah - Review.
"EYE TO EYE" is a song made my by Taher Shah in Pakistan. Eye to eye is a song that should be watched carefully. Watch it carefully. Don't watch it twice. I gave some warnings in the video also HEHEHE. I don't know why is he singing eye to eye, eye to eye why this eye to eye? The song is a must watch. Taher Shah said that he has been writing eye to eye for last 15 years. But the lyrics of the song seems very simple and funny according to me. The tune of the song is good but the video and the lyrics are very bad. This song crossed 1,00,000 video views on youtube. Oh my god. However this song got many dislikes. This is just a fun video on this particular song. I hope you like this video. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel. Click on read more..


Video Credits :
Video By - Ranbeer Singh
My Friend - Vishal Gupta

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