Monday, 14 July 2014

Aahat Season 1 Episodes UPDATE : JUARI (Gambler) Full Episode Available on Sony Liv

Aahat Season 1 Episodes UPDATE : JUARI (Gambler) Full Episode

Hey guys, today I saw that Sony Entertainment Television started uploading Aahat Season 1 Episodes on their website called Sony Liv. Previously they were only uploading episodes they have already uploaded on youtube. But some of them were not on youtube also, you can find those on this blog post of mine:


I am happy that I got to see one new episode of Aahat season 1 after a long long time. I hope they keep uploading these epic episodes of Aahat Season 1.
Previously there were only one part of this episode available on youtube called Jauri (Gambler) Part 1 and the second part was missing on youtube.
Here is the full episode on Sony Liv website. Click the links below to watch full episode on Sony Liv. (see Note 1 in References)
Episode 20 Juari (Gambler) Part 1
Episode 21 Juari (Gambler) Part 2

Please comment if you find any new episodes of aahat so I can update the list. Thanks... :)

References :- 

Note 1. All the episodes are on the official Sony Liv Website -

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